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Samson: A He-Man with a She-Weakness, CD message

Chuck Swindoll

Few heroes cast as long and impressive a shadow as Samson. His able-to-leap-tall-buildings-in-a-single-bound resume reads like Superman's: killed a lion with his bare hands…slaughtered 30 Philistines who had plotted against him…defeated a thousand-man band of enemies with the jawbone of a donkey…destroyed the city gates at Gaza.

But just as Superman was vulnerable to kryptonite, Samson had a chink in his armour through which his great strength was sapped: when it came to women, he melted before his own passions.

Samson's mother may have been a strong centre of gravity in his childhood home, but once he left, Samson entered a misguided orbit that revolved around three women—his bride, a harlot, and Delilah. His desire for these women formed a magnetic field that pulled him off of God's path and onto a collision course that led to his demise.

Judges 13-15

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