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Absalom: The Rebel Prince Charming, CD message

Chuck Swindoll

We find a family feud of soap-opera proportions in 2 Samuel, where a son's bitterness against his father breaks its fetters and runs loose, unrestrained. This bitterness festers, growing into hatred and, finally, utter rebellion. And, since this young man happens to be the king's son, not only is the king endangered, but the kingdom itself is in harm's way.

The story centres on the life and family of David, the greatest king in Israel's history. This royal family lived in a fishbowl, and their drama became nightly viewing for the entire nation. Sex, ambition, murder, political intrigue, cover-ups, power struggles—they had enough plots, subplots, and counterplots to fill seasons of programming on every major network. In this episode, the main stars are Absalom and David.

2 Samuel 13-18

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