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From Captive to Queen: An Adoption Story, CD message

Chuck Swindoll

When an adoptive couple finally holds their precious child in their arms, they are saved from the anguish of infertility, the anxiety of waiting to have a family, or other tragic circumstances they may have faced. The living, breathing bundle of joy helps to soothe their pain and lessen their sense of loss. And the child is rescued too—from being unwanted, from being raised by unwilling or unprepared parents, maybe even from having his or her precious life snuffed out. Adoption is God's candle of hope in the dark night of infertility and abortion.

In this lesson, we'll see how God used Esther's adoption to raise her status from an orphaned captive to a beloved queen. Likewise, we'll discover that we've been transformed from struggling sinners to joint heirs with the King of Kings.

Romans 8; Galatians 4; Esther

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