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Paul: A Man of Grace and Grit, CD series with study guide

Chuck Swindoll

Ever feel like the worst of sinners? So did Paul.

But God’s mercy changed a man of hate and self-righteousness into a person of grace and grit. Join Chuck Swindoll as he examines how the Lord helped Paul through rejection, distress, harm, solitude, and suffering—all because of the overwhelming sufficiency of God’s grace.

True grit. True grace. The same can be true of you.


* 22 audio messages available on CD
* May I Introduce to You Saul of Tarsus
* The Violent Capture of a Rebel Will
* The Memorable Faith of a Forgotten Hero
* The Necessity of Solitude, Quietness, and Obscurity
* Mission Underway…Thanks to the Lesser-Known
* Out of the Shadows
* Finding Contentment in God’s Sufficient Grace
* The Pleasure of Being in Ministry Together
* Released in Order to Obey
* The Jagged Edge of Authentic Ministry
* A Game Plan for Facing Extreme Circumstances
* The Day Two Missionaries Duked It Out
* Travelling as Paul Travelled
* Preaching as Paul Preached
* Leading as Paul Led
* Responding as Paul Responded
* Thinking as Paul Thought
* Dealing with Critics as Paul Did
* Standing Tall as Paul Stood
* How to Handle a Shipwreck
* Arrested, Confined, but Still Effective
* Shackled, Deserted, but Still Undaunted
* Paperback study guide included with physical CD purchases

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Paul: A Man of Grace and Grit, message series