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You and Your Money, paperback

Insight for Living Ministries

Money is one thing few of us have learned to live with wisely—and one thing that none of us can live without. Money consumes more of our thinking than any other subject. We think about how much we have, how much we wish we had, and what we'd do with more if we did have it.

If we're not careful, money will become the god we bow before.

Plenty of books answer questions about budgets and stock portfolios, but this Insight for Living LifeMaps book addresses the heart. It will remind you of money’s true place in your life—that God owns it, because God owns everything. Embracing that fact will free you to give generously, widen your economic vision, and encourage you during tough financial times.

You may be surprised at how much you enjoy this liberating study of God's perspective on your money.

100 pages

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