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Selected Studies from Proverbs, CD series

Chuck Swindoll

Is your Bible just another book on your shelf collecting dust? Do you wonder what its content has to do with your life today?

With practical topics covering people skills, money management, conflicts, struggles, and many more, Proverbs offers advice on real issues that you face every day. Through Chuck Swindoll’s study, you'll find a dozen reasons—or more—to dust off your Bible and let the transformation begin!


  • 14 audio messages available on CD

Messages in this Series:

  1. Vertical Wisdom, Horizontal Living
  2. Warnings Refusing Reproof
  3. For Miners Only
  4. You and Your Son
  5. You and Your Daughter (Part One)
  6. You and Your Daughter (Part Two)
  7. You and Your Tongue
  8. The Poison in Your Mouth
  9. You and Your Job (Part One)
  10. You and Your Job (Part Two)
  11. You and Your Counselling (Part One)
  12. You and Your Counselling (Part Two)
  13. You and Your Heart
  14. The Woman Who Fears the Lord

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