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Hilarious Generosity, CD series

Chuck Swindoll

Hilarious generosity. Seems like an odd combination of terms, doesn’t it? But when God prompts His people to give, that's how they respond. When the Lord commanded His people to contribute to building a tabernacle in the wilderness, they brought all He requested—gold jewelry, fine linen, special gemstones, and so much more (Exodus 35:21-29). And they did so with gladness in their hearts!

Listen in on the practical and uplifting Bible teaching of Chuck Swindoll as he presents God's principles for giving in Hilarious Generosity. You will be challenged to become the generous giver God desires you to be. More than that, you’ll begin to experience the outpouring of God’s blessing as you take Him at His Word!


* 5 audio messages available on CD

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Hilarious Generosity, message series