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Thinking Theologically about Sickness and Healing, CD message

Chuck Swindoll

Any number of unusual activities are being identified these days as the extended work of the Holy Spirit. Those who fall down in religious meetings, highly charged by emotional outbreaks, are said to have been “slain in the Spirit.” Those who make predictions regarding the future often testify that they are delivering “the Spirit’s message” as they prophesy. Those who claim to have seen visions or heard voices frequently say “the Spirit revealed” this to them. But it is especially in the realm of healing that the Spirit is mentioned. Legs are lengthened, teeth are filled, tumors are vomited out, eyesight is restored, crooked spines are straightened, paralysis is removed, and dozens of other phenomena occur, all allegedly “by the Spirit’s power.” We who hear of (or witness) such things cannot help but wonder. Surely the One who made us is capable of healing us—no question—but can we say He is responsible for all these things? How does He heal? What does Scripture teach?

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