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Draw Me Nearer...Nearer, CD message

Chuck Swindoll

Long enough have evangelical, conservative Christians “kept their distance” from the Spirit of God! Somewhat uncertain, quietly uneasy, and “properly” uncommitted, we are like moths around the flickering flame of a lamp...ever intrigued but seldom at risk. And yet, for many of us in God’s family, there are those secret moments when (all alone in our thoughts) we do wonder, don’t we? We feel we may have backed so far away from the intimate work of the Spirit, we might have entered a “neutralized zone” where safety supersedes all else. Unfortunately, it’s also where cool intellect can take the fire from our faith. In our searching through the Scriptures, let’s reexamine the “anointing of the Holy One,” which seems inseparably linked to having “the mind of Christ.” Quite probably, some of these things could explain what we often pass off as mere intuition or coincidence. Let’s find out.

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