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Abiding in the Vine, CD message

Chuck Swindoll

In the three previous messages, we have examined other “living portraits” of the universal Church of Jesus Christ: a growing family, a flock of sheep, and a human body. Each analogy conveys different aspects of God’s people on earth. We have come to the fourth and final mental picture—a productive vine—another vivid analogy preserved for us in the Word of God.

In fact, this one comes to us from the lips of Jesus as He left His disciples words of encouragement just before He was crucified. They have been recorded for us in the 15th chapter of John, a chapter that centres attention on three vital relationships the Christian must maintain. Our hope is to focus on the first 11 verses, where we shall learn the one-word secret of producing fruit in our daily life.

John 15:1-11

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Abiding in the Vine, single message