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Making Room for the Family, CD message

Chuck Swindoll

Most people from large families were too young to remember all that their parents went through as the family continued to expand. Some of us who are parents of several children have vivid memories of how we shifted and adjusted, bought bunk beds, and added on to our house to make room for more. Growing families—especially those whose numbers continue to enlarge—call for all kinds of creative responses.

Growing churches experience the same kind of stresses. There are times when attending a growing church is exciting, and other times when it is irritating. Church parking lots choked with cars, pews packed with people, nurseries and Sunday school classes full to the brim, and long lines waiting to enter the worship centre isn’t anyone’s idea of a relaxed morning at church! At times like these, questions arise. Should a church get this large? Wasn’t the first-century church small and easy to manage? Is it OK to make more room for our growing family or should we attend elsewhere? The answers to these types of questions may surprise you.

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Making Room for the Family, single message