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Feeding the Flock a Healthy Meal, CD message

Chuck Swindoll

Among the many portraits of the Church painted in Scripture, none is more calming and comforting than a flock of sheep under the watchful eye of a caring shepherd. And when we add the presence of a pasture full of lush, green grass, the picture is even more appealing.

But this is almost too idealistic. The truth is, not all sheep stay in the flock, not all shepherds are caring and faithful, not all that’s lush and green is edible grass, and not all peaceful places are free of danger. Let’s trace this analogy through several scriptural scenes. Hopefully, the time we spend in God’s Word will leave us with a realistic awareness of what it means to be among our Shepherd’s flock and how it feels to be fed from His hand.

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Feeding the Flock a Healthy Meal, single message