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Living above the Level of Mediocrity: A Commitment to Excellence, CD series

Chuck Swindoll

Mediocrity is a rut. It confines you like dirt walls…and your digging only gives you shovelful after shovelful of sameness.

It’s time to stretch your wings and soar like the eagle God created you to be! Chuck Swindoll’s studies in excellence will serve as powerful updrafts to propel your outstretched wings to new heights…to let you glimpse horizons you never knew existed…and to give you a perspective you never thought possible.


  • 20 audio messages available on CD

Messages in this Series:

  1. It Starts in Your Mind (Part One)
  2. It Starts in Your Mind (Part Two)
  3. It Involves His Kingdom (Part One)
  4. It Involves His Kingdom (Part Two)
  5. It Costs Your Commitment
  6. It Calls for Extravagant Love
  7. Vision: Seeing beyond the Majority
  8. Determination: Deciding to Hang Tough
  9. Priorities: Determining What Comes First
  10. Accountability: Answering the Hard Questions
  11. Winning the Battle over Greed
  12. Slaying the Dragon of Traditionalism
  13. Removing the Blahs from Today
  14. Becoming a Model of Unselfishness
  15. Standing Alone When Outnumbered
  16. Standing Tall When Tested
  17. Standing Firm When Discouraged
  18. Boats, Nets, Fish, and Faith
  19. Standing Strong When Tempted (Part One)
  20. Standing Strong When Tempted (Part Two

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