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James: Hands-On Christianity, CD signature series

Chuck Swindoll

“Practice what you preach!”

Nobody trusts a phoney or a hypocrite. As representatives of Christ, we sully His name when we live hypocritically. We’re called to a higher standard.

Hypocrisy existed even in the early days of Christianity. In this series Chuck Swindoll:

  • Encourages you to pursue authentic faith in God
  • Provides you a clear and biblical how-to for authentic living as he exposits the book of James
  • Explains how to live without hypocrisy in your speech, actions, and relationships

This series will assist you to live what you believe.


  • 16 audio messages available on CD

Messages in this Series:

  1. The Case for Practical Christianity
  2. When Troubles Won’t Go Away
  3. Plain Talk about Temptation
  4. The Great Divorce
  5. Prejudice Is a Sin
  6. You Can’t Have On without the Other
  7. Bridling the Beast in Your Body
  8. The Wise, the Unwise, and the Otherwise (Part One)
  9. The Wise, the Unwise, and the Otherwise (Part Two)
  10. How Fights Are Started and Stopped
  11. The Peril of Playing God
  12. Warnings to the Wealthy
  13. Doing Right When You’ve Been Done Wrong
  14. Suffering, Sickness, Sin—and Healing
  15. The Power of Effective Kneeling
  16. How to Handle Straying Saints

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James: Hands-On Christianity, message series