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Is the Spirit's Filling That Big a Deal? CD message

Chuck Swindoll

What a tragedy it would be if you had inherited a fortune but didn’t know it. How unfortunate it would be if you owned a new car but you didn’t know it took gasoline to run it, so you pushed it instead! When you and I were born into God’s family of faith, several very wonderful things occurred within us which no one could tell by looking. In fact, even the newborn believer may not know they occurred. One of the most significant of those changes? The sudden presence of the Holy Spirit. Think of it! At salvation, God took up His residence in our lives. Not only that, He has come to this intimate place within for one major purpose: to “fill” us. He permanently indwells us that He might ignite us with a supernatural “dynamic” that cannot be duplicated. We want to learn more about that “filling” in this message. It can make the most profound difference you can imagine!

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