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Wise Counsel for Troubled Times, CD series

Chuck Swindoll

Charting a course in our lives through stormy circumstances and uncertain seas can be difficult if not impossible. What we need is a reliable compass and a sturdy set of charts to guide us to safer harbours.

God’s Word offers such direction in tough times as the lives of great men and women of courage and faith are put on full display. We can learn to follow God and stay on course through the storms of our lives by following these rich examples of faith.

Chuck Swindoll’s series Wise Counsel for Troubled Times introduces you to these courageous and wise individuals. By looking closely into their lives and carefully applying what they learned about overcoming challenges, you, too, can stay upright and endure whatever stormy seas come your way, fastened to the mainstay of God’s Word.


  • 13 audio messages available on CD

Messages in this Series:

  1. Sustaining Enthusiasm
  2. Overcoming Failure
  3. Never Quitting
  4. Thinking Biblically
  5. Demonstrating Wisdom
  6. Taking Responsibility
  7. Standing Alone
  8. Respecting Authority
  9. Cultivating Humility
  10. Studying Hard
  11. Modelling Integrity
  12. Extending Grace
  13. Encouraging Others

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Wise Counsel for Troubled Times, message series