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Undone: A Story of Making Peace with an Unexpected Life, paperback

Michele Cushatt

Sometimes life's greatest beauty shows up in life's greatest chaos.

Michele Cushatt wanted a well-ordered life. Peaceful, predictable, and happy. A life she could control.

She never expected a devastating divorce and single motherhood. Or a second marriage marred by the challenges of a blended family. Undaunted, Michele worked hard to put her upside-down life back in order. Until, at the age of 39, she received a cancer diagnosis. And eight months later, she opened her near empty-nest home to three little ones in crisis. The resulting chaos proved far more than she coudl contain.

Undone is Michele's story of discovery, of learning that all her attempts to control her life were robbing her of its vibrancy, and that faith in the midst of the unknown is the only real kind of faith at all. It is her call for each of us to relinquish perfection and embrace what is. To lean in. Because right here, right now, in your own unfinished story with its missteps and misfortunes, there is peace. And there is Presence. Because sometimes life's best stories are written right in the middle of the mess.

256 pages

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