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Hope for the Hurting, paperback

Insight for Living Ministries

Diminished hopes come from deep hurts.

Ask anyone in the midst of suffering if life isn't coloured in pale tones, and he or she will tell you it's like living in fading light. Days darkened with overcast skies and nights of starless blackness, the sufferer's long hours are tinted with hues of hopelessness.

If you haven't experienced the drabness of suffering, you will. Everyone must sit for a portrait of pain. But don't despair! Hope is on the horizon.

In Hope for the Hurting, you’ll discover a fresh palette of paint—colours of help and healing, faith and ministry. This Insight for Living LifeMaps book offers hope for enduring suffering, encouragement that you do not suffer alone, lessons on what suffering can teach us about ourselves, and suggested answers we can give others when they suffer. Most of all, it points sufferers toward the Saviour—One who understands us because of the suffering He endured.

Are you ready to colour your life with hope?

92 pages

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