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Understanding Heaven, Passport

Insight for Living Ministries

If you’ve ever travelled for extended periods of time, you know what it feels like to be homesick. Your heart just aches to be back in the place where you belong. Why? It’s a place of love, peace, security, and acceptance. God made us to have that longing. Scripture mentions heaven more than 500 times. But not all of those references signify the ultimate destination of God’s people. The Bible talks about three heavens:

* The first heaven, the atmosphere…it's where birds fly
* The second heaven, the stellar space…that's the vast realm in which stars and planets move and rotate
* Finally, there's the third heaven…the throne room of God (2 Corinthians 12:1-6). It's His place of existence…His presence. That's the great hope for believers

In this Understanding Heaven Passport, you will learn about the third heaven…where it is, who will be there, and what the saints will do for eternity. You’ll gain clarity in the midst of a cloud of confusing and misguided opinions about heaven. As with all of Insight for Living’s Passports, you’ll also be equipped to speak confidently and compassionately to those who may not know the Lord.

As we travel through life, our homesickness for heaven should impact our daily lives. That’s precisely why God revealed truth about heaven to us. To give us hope, to help us persevere, and to strengthen our faith—until He returns to take us home.

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