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Our Amazing Bible Passport, booklet

Insight for Living Ministries

What is your final authority in life? When you’re cornered, when you find yourself really up against it, what do you lean on? Where do you turn? Before you answer too quickly, think about it. When it comes to a standard for morality, what’s your guide? When you need a compass to find your way out of an ethical jungle, where’s north? When you’re on a churning sea of emotions, which lighthouse shows you the harbour?

There is no more reliable authority on earth than God’s Word, the Bible. This timeless, trustworthy source of truth holds the key that unlocks life’s mysteries. It alone provides you with the shelter we need when storms rage.

The wonderful thing about relying on God’s Book? It gives you stability. It gives you that deep sense of purpose and reliable meaning. No other counsel will get you through the long haul. No other truth will help you stand firm in the storms of doubt and uncertainty. No other reality will give you strength for each day and deep hope for tomorrow. No other instruction has the power to give new meaning to your life. For those things, you need one thing: the Bible.

Passport-sized booklet

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