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Things to Stop and Start, CD series

Chuck Swindoll

Most of us repeat the same five words throughout our adult lives: “I never have enough time!” Truth be told, all of us have the same number of hours every day. It’s not that we “never have enough time,” it’s that we fail to use the time we have wisely and well. We put off things that are truly worth pursuing from God’s perspective, and instead, we linger too long doing what isn’t essential.

Wouldn’t you like to stop doing those things that aren’t essential…and start doing what’s most important? Of course you would!

Chuck Swindoll invites you to walk alongside him as he coaches you in choosing the right priorities…those areas of your life that really matter to God! In this very practical series, Things to Stop and Start, you will learn how to stop the tyranny of the urgent as you start focusing on what’s essential.

Come on…let’s do this together!


* 9 audio messages available on CD

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Things to Stop and Start, message series