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Leisure: How to Recharge without Guilt, booklet

Chuck Swindoll

Popular culture emphasizes working on the weekend, hoarding sick days, and truncating vacations. Busyness is touted as a virtue, while taking much-needed time off is frowned upon as lazy and unproductive. Christians are just as likely to underestimate the value of recreation and respite, choosing instead to burn out in ministry. The result? We’re more sick, tired, and unfulfilled than ever.

Remember the joy of play? Chuck Swindoll’s Leisure: How to Recharge without Guilt, beckons us back to the vitality of relaxation—a kind of rest so essential that God founded it at the time of creation, and Jesus practiced and protected it during His earthly ministry.

Leisure: How to Recharge without Guilt will help you to:

* Reconnect with the joy of recreation
* Encourage you to carve out times of rest
* Mimic God’s methods of relaxation

Our most treasured times are not those spent with our noses to the grindstone but the moments we enjoy the gifts the Lord has provided with the people we love.

52 pages

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