Skeptics and Sinners, Beware! CD message

Chuck Swindoll

For as long as there has been the truth, there have been those who scoff at it. With relentless and determined zeal, these cynical mockers have taken delight in discrediting God’s messengers as well as denying God’s message. Noah had his doubters who questioned the possibility of a destructive deluge. Moses had his critics who rebelled against his leadership. Nehemiah had Tobiah and Sanballat; Paul had Alexander the coppersmith; John had Diotrephes; and Jesus had scribes and Pharisees, Roman officials, and even a scoffing thief on a nearby cross. Down through the history of the church to this present hour, there have continued to be skeptics and sinners who have stood against the presentation of God’s holy Word. In this segment of Peter’s letter, we are provided with some needed reassurance that God is just...that in spite of the seeming success of the scoffers, there will be a day of reckoning.

2 Peter 3:1–7

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