Be Sure of Your Source, CD message

Chuck Swindoll

How important is a sure word from God! Without it, we struggle to find our way, we rely on shaky and sometimes spurious sources, and we never know if we are really on the right path. It is easy in such confusion to listen to human opinion and miss the clear leading of the Lord. In the closing section of 2 Peter 1, we are reminded of the only reliable source of truth: the Bible. We need this reminder, since so many these days claim to receive divine revelations from various sources—horoscopes, crystals, cards, dreams and visions, inner voices, signs and symbols, and feelings. No wonder so many have a hard time recognizing God’s leading! Peter’s counsel takes us back to the most dependable source of truth in existence today.

2 Peter 1:12–21

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Be Sure of Your Source, single message