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Saul: A Study in Tragedy from God's Land of Promise, DVD message

Get ready to embark on an exciting journey with Insight for Living and Chuck Swindoll! You'll hear a life-changing message while you experience the fascinating land of the Bible!

Learn lingering lessons from the theatre in Beth-Shan as Chuck examines the eroding life and untimely death of King Saul. As one who began with such promise, Saul stood head and shoulders above everyone else in the kingdom. While he could conquer his enemies, he never learned to conquer himself. Saul's compromises leave us sobering lessons of one who failed to take God seriously.

In addition, watch a dramatic monologue by Dr. Reg Grant, as he portrays one of the courageous men who stole into enemy territory to remove the corpse of King Saul from the walls of Beth-Shan.

With authentic Jewish and messianic music, this unique DVD allows you to experience the Word of God as Chuck teaches right where it happened! God used the land of Israel to shape the lives of His people in biblical times…and He does the same today.

Come with us to Beth-Shan!


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* This message is from the DVD series Experience the Land and the Book

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