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Paul's Swan Song Set

Chuck Swindoll

Do you want to know how you fit into God's plan? Do you want to know how to live God's truth in the midst of a godless culture? The Apostle Paul was inspired by God to give us a road map on how to run the race of faith and leadership with energy, focus, and perseverance.

The Paul's Swan Song set—comprised of the CD series and Bible companion for Paul's Swan Song, a study of 2 Timothy, and Swindoll's Living Insights New Testament Commentary: 1 & 2 Timothy, Titus—will encourage you to stand strong in the faith and carry on the ministry of the gospel to future generations. Best of all, it will point you to the One who can give you the courage to do so.

Drawing on Chuck Swindoll's more than 50 years of ministry, the Paul's Swan Song set combines Chuck's practical wisdom, warmth, and wit to help you apply God's Word to your daily walk as you read about and listen to key themes in Paul's letters.


* 14 audio messages available on CD
* Paperback Bible companion
* Hardcover commentary

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