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Looking Around: Being a Good Neighbour, CD message

Chuck Swindoll

Sometimes we need to get back to the basics. When playing at their zenith, the Green Bay Packers were practically unbeatable. But the team grew overconfident and lost what should have been an easy win against the Chicago Bears. Their coach, Vince Lombardi, was livid. When his team's plane returned home to frozen-over Green Bay, Lombardi bused his players directly to their home field, ordering them to suit up in their still-sweaty gear. Then he sat the players down, held up a football, and announced, “Gentlemen, this is a football.”

Just as a football player knows what a football is, Christians are expected to know what it means to be a good neighbour. And we're expected to act on that knowledge. But how can we honestly say we’re interested in reaching the world for Christ if we won't even reach out to the family across the street, our colleague across the hall, or our family member across town? Let’s take a closer look at our neighbours and learn how to act like a good neighbour.

Luke 10: 25-37

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