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Character Counts: Building a Life That Pleases God, CD series

Chuck Swindoll

The importance of character in the lives of God's people cannot be underestimated. But it doesn't happen automatically. Character takes time to develop. Discipline, grit and determination are required for the journey. An arduous adventure if there ever was one, though not without its eternal rewards.

In this series, Chuck carves out of God's Word a few building blocks of character that you can fit into your life. One by one, set them in place, and erect a sturdy pillar of character that will stand the test of time. This study tool was prepared to help you develop character qualities that glorify Christ.


  • 12 audio messages available on CD

Messages in this Series:

  1. They, Being Dead, Still Speak
  2. The Discernment of Abigail
  3. The Refreshment of Onesiphorus
  4. A Plea for Integrity
  5. Reinstatement of a Runaway
  6. Coping with the “Slough of Despond”
  7. Being a Balanced Woman of God
  8. Beyond Charm and Beauty
  9. A Vote in Favour of Fatherhood
  10. Top Temptations Fathers Face
  11. How to Make the Truth “Stick”
  12. Survival Training for the School Jungle

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Character Counts: Building a Life That Pleases God