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Hope Again: When Life Hurts and Dreams Fade, workbook

Chuck Swindoll

People everywhere season their speech with hopeful, positive platitudes. Yet in all this chatter about hope as a principle, an attitude, or a philosophy, many Christians have been distracted from the true centre and source of hope—Jesus Christ.

Peter knew that. The bold apostle did not have a fluffy, feel-good idea of hope that treated it like an anaesthetic, numbing us from the pain of everyday life. Without denying the reality of suffering and the seriousness of the struggle, Peter set forth dynamic and trustworthy counsel that anyone can find reassuring. At the centre of this counsel is hope, real hope, reliable hope. Not surprisingly, at the core of that hope stands Jesus Christ.

This series unites the timeless words of Peter's first epistle and the timely wisdom of Chuck Swindoll to bring hope in the midst of challenging trials.

204 pages

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