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God's Masterwork: New Testament Set (CD)

Chuck Swindoll

The Author and Finisher of our faith, Shepherd of our souls, Returning King and Judge. Because of persecution, the Christians living the first century needed the reminders of who Jesus was and is and is to come. Some things haven’t changed. We still need to stand fast in our faith. To demonstrate it. To hold on to its promises. This overview of the entire New Testament will encourage you to look back at Jesus’ cross of salvation, teach you how to live in light of His present reality, and stimulate your longing for His return.


  • 28 audio messages available on CD

Messages in this Series:

God's Masterwork, Volume Five: God With Us—A Survey of Matthew-Acts
  1. An Important Interlude
  2. Matthew: Let’s Meet the King
  3. Mark: The Servant at Work
  4. Luke: The Physician’s Opinion
  5. John: That You May Believe
  6. Acts: Like a Mighty Army
God's Masterwork, Volume Six: Letters to God's People—A Survey of Romans-Philemon
  1. Romans: Cornerstone of Christian Truth
  2. 1 Corinthians: Conflicts at Church
  3. 2 Corinthians: A Man and His Ministry
  4. Galatians: Letter of Liberation
  5. Ephesians: True Portrait of the Church
  6. Philippians: Joy in Abundance
  7. Colossians: Christ, Our All in All
  8. 1 Thessalonians: A Heart-to-Heart Talk
  9. 2 Thessalonians: Christ’s Coming…My Response
  10. 1 Timothy: Wise Counsel for Shepherds
  11. 2 Timothy: Paul’s Swan Song
  12. Titus: Plain Talk for Pastors
  13. Philemon: An Appeal for Grace and Forgiveness
God's Masterwork, Volume Seven: The Final Word—A Survey of Hebrews-Revelation
  1. Hebrews: Jesus Christ, Our Superior Saviour
  2. James: A Plea for Authenticity
  3. 1 Peter: Hope for the Hurting
  4. 2 Peter: Beware…Be Ready!
  5. 1 John: God’s Life on Display
  6. 2 John: A Letter to a Lady
  7. 3 John: Three Men in a Church
  8. Jude: Manual for Survival
  9. Revelation: God’s Final Words

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God’s Masterwork: New Testament