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Cultivating a Dynamic Ministry, CD set

Chuck Swindoll

God designed His church to be a reliable refuge…a steadfast pocket of resilience and charm…a welcoming place where people can rebuild broken relationships, share their grief, discover godly wisdom, and weather life’s fiercest storms.

Do you long to be a part of such a place?

God’s Word holds the key to believers’ becoming the light He intends us to be as we journey through life together!

In this two-message set, Chuck Swindoll looks to Scripture to help you diagnose problems and cultivate the essentials of worship, fellowship, and time in the Word. First, drawing warnings from Ezekiel, Chuck alerts us to the dangers of spiritual decay. Then he takes us to I Corinthians to discover the vital characteristics of a thriving church.

And the most important characteristic? “Do everything with love” (1 Corinthians 16:14).


* 2 audio messages available on CD

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Cultivating a Dynamic Ministry