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An Important Interlude, CD message

Chuck Swindoll

We now begin the second phase of our safari through Scripture. Having concluded our study of the Old Testament, we need to complete the picture by getting a grip on the New Testament . . . God’s final word to humanity. Our desire is to see all twenty-seven books as a whole, to see how they fit together, how they relate to us, and the value of each section to the person who reads and believes the Bible. Of special interest is the “flow” of thought carried through these books and letters of the New Testament. Obviously, these books revolve around the person and work of Christ, the Son of God, who came (as promised in the Old Testament); who lived, died, arose, and ascended (as recorded in the Gospels); who revealed truth to live by (as seen in Acts as well as the epistles); and who will someday come again (as foretold in Revelation).

Matthew to Revelation

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An Important Interlude, single message