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Acts: Like a Mighty Army, CD message

Chuck Swindoll

All too often Christians look upon their religious roots with much-too-low esteem. Intimidated by the giant boot-stomping of secular events that occupy the attention of most history books, we entertain the false idea that the church of Jesus Christ is little more than a piece of lint on the page...a tiny, fragile thread woven through the centuries. Not so! The church is rather like a mighty army marching through time deliberately, confidently, victoriously...spurred on by the promise of its Founder that the gates of Hades will not overpower it. No other book in the Bible underscores the richness and courage of our history better than the book of Acts. And no other book affirms more clearly our God-given power to persevere. We may be small in number, but no remnant was ever surer of its destiny.

A Survey of Acts

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Acts: Like a Mighty Army, single message