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A Song of Sovereignty, CD message

Chuck Swindoll

Ever felt the ground move under your feet? Know what it’s like to pitch from side to side in a small boat on strong seas? While some people could answer Yes! to both questions, most of us only imagine such experiences.

Still, sooner or later we all face trials that take on cataclysmic proportions. Left unchecked, fear runs its course and has a way of bringing us to a point of helplessness. If you’ve felt the pinch of life’s uncertainty or if you’re stuck between a rock and a hard place, then Psalm 46 is for you.

This psalm provides help for the helpless. No matter how bad life may seem, God is in control. And because He’s sovereign, He’s a perfect refuge and place to hide when life comes unglued.

Why is God’s sovereignty such a help to us? We’ll see in Psalm 46 how the Lord’s sovereign power puts our fears to rest and instills triumphant confidence.

Psalm 46

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A Song of Sovereignty, single message