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A Song of Single-Mindedness, CD message

Chuck Swindoll

Among all the books of antiquity, none has touched the human heart more profoundly than the Psalms. The title in the Hebrew Bible is Tehillim, which means “praises.” This title clearly reflects the prevailing theme of 150 inspired songs. With intense passion, the psalmists composed lyrics that reflect the full spectrum of emotions, from the soaring heights of ecstasy to the dregs of despair and grief. From the joys of forgiveness, gratitude, celebration, and triumph to the opposite extremes of shame, fear, disappointment, and defeat. Amazingly, there is a psalm for nearly every mood and circumstance. Small wonder the psalms have found lodging in the lives of peasants and kings, patriots and traitors, presidents and prisoners, scholars and children, sinners and saints.

The first psalm extols the virtues of single-mindedness by emphasizing the danger of compromise. The godly life is placed in bold contrast to the ungodly, one leading to true happiness and the other to tragic destruction. Single-mindedness keeps the believer on the right track.

Psalm 1

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A Song of Single-Mindedness, single message