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Reframing Life, paperback and CD

Colleen Swindoll Thompson with Chuck Swindoll

When we're staring squarely at the pain, loss, trauma, and sickness that inevitably touch our lives, it's not a pretty picture. Do you need practical advice to help you process difficult situations? Is it challenging to view life's awful circumstances in light of God's sovereignty?

In her book Reframing Life: Focusing on God When Life Gets Sideways, Colleen Swindoll Thompson Colleen writes with honesty, humour, and practical exercises to help you learn how to reframe chaos, expectations, and more. Colleen is no stranger to loss, and with perception, she encourages you with a mix of theology and practicality. Reframing Life will encourage you to refocus the way you see life's ever-changing circumstances in light of our unchanging God.

To reframe is to see trials through God’s lens of grace, letting Him reshape pain into purpose. In this ongoing process of transformation, He guides your thoughts, heals your heart, and energizes new habits in your life. Join Chuck Swindoll and his daughter Colleen Swindoll Thompson as they openly share their personal reframing journeys and the seven biblical guideposts that form the acrostic REFRAME in an audio conversation.


* 175-page softcover book
* CD message featuring a conversation between Chuck Swindoll and Colleen Swindoll Thompson

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