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Reframing Life: Focusing on God When Life Gets Sideways, paperback

Colleen Swindoll Thompson

When reading the book of Job, it’s easy for us to rejoice for Job when his health, wealth, and family are restored. The hard part? When we’re staring squarely at the pain, loss, trauma, and sickness that characterizes most of Job’s biblical narrative…when we’re virtually sitting at Job’s side while he aches and mourns, and waits and wonders whether God will ever speak. It’s not a pretty picture.

In Reframing Life, Colleen Swindoll Thompson focuses on life issues like self-image, children, and marriage with a lens of vulnerability, depth, and godliness. Colleen is no stranger to loss, and with perception and honesty, she encourages readers with a mix of theology, humour, and practicality.

Using illustrations plucked from everyday life, Reframing Life:

* Offers practical advice that will help you process your circumstances
* Will help you view our not-so-pretty pictures in light of God’s promises and character

Like a faithful friend who silently sits with you during difficult trials, Reframing Life will encourage you to reframe how you see life’s ever-changing circumstances in light of our unchanging God.

136 pages

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