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Songs from Wildwood, Volume 3, Paws & Tales music CD

Paws & Tales

Celebrate God's greatness with ten super songs from the popular Paws & Tales radio and TV program. Kids will love the fresh variety of musical styles and each song reinforces important lessons for building godly cubs.

10 songs

* New Creature in Christ (Life in Christ)
* Aye, Aye, Aye (Obedience)
* May I Not Forget (Easter song)
* Spell Out His Love (Staying true to God)
* God Works All Things Out for Good (God’s goodness)
* Who Does This World Belong To? (God’s greatness)
* Me, Myself, and I (Putting others first)
* If You Wanna Know the Truth (Honesty)
* A Plan for Me (God’s got a plan)
* Be Strong (And Have Good Courage) (Overcoming fear)

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