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Book of John, CD set

Chuck Swindoll

His were days of thunder, when the Son shone brightly.

The Apostle John is one of the most well-known and beloved disciples of Jesus Christ. And his gospel is one of the most provocative books in the Bible; presenting Jesus, the Son of Man, as the eternal God and the saving sacrifice for the souls of humanity.


  • 42 audio messages available on CD

Messages in this Series:

Beholding Christ…The Son of God: A Study of John 1-5
  1. “That You May Believe”
  2. Prelude to Deity
  3. A Man Sent from God
  4. Five Who Followed in Faith
  5. Wine…Coins…and Signs
  6. Brainstorming the New Birth
  7. The Preacher Who Lost His Congregation
  8. Water for a Thirsty Woman
  9. Healing at a Distance
  10. An Exposé of Legalism
  11. The Claims of the Christ
  12. Witnesses for the Defence
Following Christ…The Man of God: A Study of John 6-14
  1. God’s Specialty: Impossibilities
  2. Bread Delivered from Heaven
  3. Jesus in the Lions’ Den
  4. Letters in the Sand
  5. Reasons Rejection
  6. Blind Men’s Bluff
  7. The Living Door
  8. Back from Beyond
  9. Seeking before Hiding
  10. Humility Personified
  11. How High Is Your A.Q.?
  12. Agape…Authentic Love
  13. Tranquil Words for Troubled Hearts
  14. Overcoming Fear
Exalting Christ…The Lamb of God: A Study of John 15-21
  1. Abiding
  2. Qualities of a Friend
  3. The Promise of Persecution
  4. Functions of the Holy Spirit
  5. Four Words That Keep Us Going
  6. Divine Intercession
  7. When Jesus Prayed for You
  8. Arrest and Trial
  9. Rush to Judgment
  10. A Crack in the Rock
  11. Death on a Cross
  12. A Miraculous Resurrection
  13. Reactions to the Resurrected Lord
  14. Coming to Term with Your Calling
  15. “…And What about This Man?”
  16. Many Other Signs…Many Other Things

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Book of John