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Expressions of Grace, 2024 wall calendar

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The fact that God extends grace toward us is unfathomable. And the many ways He extends His grace toward us is immeasurable.

Every day of the year God’s unfathomable, immeasurable grace is expressed toward us. Many times, we aren’t even aware of it. But it’s expressed, for example, when He gives us peace in place of our anxiety, strength in place of our weakness, wisdom in place of our foolishness, and—always—when He shows His unconditional acceptance of us.

We hope this calendar will bless you in two ways:

  1. That you will come to a deeper awareness and appreciation of how much, and in how many ways, God’s grace is expressed in your life
  2. That your spiritual life will be marked by a growing and humble dependence on God’s unbounded grace towards you

Grace—it’s truly amazing!


  • 12-month wall calendar
  • Dimensions: 10 7/8" x 9.5"
  • Contains a separate page for every month of the 2023 year
  • Includes inspirational quotes from Chuck Swindoll and encouraging Bible verses
  • Large format size
  • Provides organization in a beautiful and uplifting way

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