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Jesus: The Greatest Life of All, CD series

Chuck Swindoll

Think you know Jesus? So did the disciples…but they had so far to go.

Journey with Chuck Swindoll through the life of Christ—from His divine birth, to His miracle-filled ministry, to His sacrificial death, and to His glorious resurrection and ascension. You’ll grow to know the Saviour like you’ve never known Him. Jesus, the greatest Life of all, has much more to teach you.


  • 20 audio messages available on CD

Messages in this Series:

  1. The Identity of Deity
  2. A Relationship, a Courtship, a Miracle
  3. Deity in Diapers
  4. Responding to the Redeemer
  5. Life…as God Intended It
  6. Resting in Christ
  7. It Is Best to Rest
  8. The Astonishing Power of Jesus
  9. The Ultimate Healer
  10. Abiding in Christ
  11. The Gathering Storm
  12. Betrayed and Arrested
  13. Analysis of a Courtroom Fiasco
  14. The Last Trials and Torture of Jesus
  15. Delivered Up to Be Crucified
  16. Not to Worry...He Is Risen!
  17. Encountering Jesus along Life's Road
  18. Listening to Jesus beside the Sea
  19. Challenged by Jesus on the Mountain
  20. Watching for Jesus in the Air

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Jesus: The Greatest Life of All , message series