Bestsellers/Living the Psalms: Encouragement for the Daily Grind, paperback

Living the Psalms: Encouragement for the Daily Grind, paperback

Chuck Swindoll

I will sing unto the Lord as long as I live… —Psalm 104:33

We all have those days: when small problems become crises, when doubt begins to overwhelm faith, when exhaustion hits and depression colours the world black. Fact is, the daily grind of life is not going away! Since we cannot escape it, we must find a way to live beyond it. And the book of Psalms holds the answers, offering words of surpassing strength and comfort for those difficult and demanding times. In this remarkably down-to-earth study of selected Psalms, one of Christianity's foremost pastors explores such pressing themes as fear of the unknown, discouragement and worry, how to handle difficult people, and what to do when God is silent. Through 26 engaging weeks in the Word, Charles Swindoll will help you not just to read the Psalms but to live them—reminding you of a grace that never fails and a God who is constantly at work to transform the daily grind into a daily miracle.

306-page devotional

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Living the Psalms