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Worship: Let it Shine! Let it Shine! CD message

Chuck Swindoll

The health of the church is dependent upon balance. Balance between evangelism and instruction. Between caring for one another and reaching out to those we've never met. Between command and comfort, encouragement and exhortation, quietness and activity, taking in and giving out. How often a church fails to maintain this essential balance! For reasons right and wrong, ministries can slip into extremes and miss the other side of a good thing. It is with this in mind that we come to appreciate worship. Desiring to get the job done or meet other expectations, a congregation can lose its primary objective: to ascribe supreme worth to our supreme Lord. Once again, the concept of balance must be kept in mind. Worship is more than meditative contemplation, the passive enjoyment of great music, or listening to a well-delivered sermon. Worship requires participation, a response, praise and service, celebration and action.

Psalm 95:1–7

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Worship: Let it Shine! Let it Shine! single message