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Who Says the Honeymoon Must End? CD message

Chuck Swindoll

Mention the word honeymoon and what immediately comes to your mind? For most people, it is that period of intimate romance and unrestrained affection between newlyweds. We think of it as the beginning of the marriage—that initial burst of physical love—that period of passionate ecstasy between the wedding ceremony and the return to the normal responsibilities of everyday life. Nothing is wrong with thinking about the honeymoon in this way. But it does imply that the honeymoon is only for newlyweds and is only temporary. Like a flash of lightning, it is exciting and brief. But that’s not God’s view for married couples. He intends the honeymoon to last throughout our marriages. His plan is that we enjoy for a lifetime the delights of physical intimacy without shame or reluctance.

Genesis 1:27–28, 31; Proverbs 5:1–4, 15–19; 1 Corinthians 7:1–5

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Who Says the Honeymoon Must End? single message