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When God Untied the Death Ropes, CD message

Chuck Swindoll

Simon had a loose tongue that often got him into trouble…especially since he had a hot temper. He was a Galilean and proud of it! Galileans were known to be opinionated, stubborn, and impulsive. Yet he was nothing like his brother, Andrew, who was a dreamer, fond of eccentric preachers like John the Baptist. One day, Andrew told Simon that he had found Messiah.

Once Jesus met Simon, Simon’s world—and name—changed. “Peter” held a gravitas lacking in Simon; Jesus saw in Simon Peter a faithful disciple, a bold preacher, and a strategic and compassionate evangelist and theologian. Simon, through the power of the Holy Spirit, was transformed into the man he was created to be.

Jesus can do the very same for all of us—untying the death ropes and releasing us to live as He created us to live.

Acts 2:22-24

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When God Untied the Death Ropes, single message