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The Qualities of Simple Faith, CD message

Chuck Swindoll

We can read Jesus’ Sermon on the Mount in 15 minutes or less. No teacher or preacher has ever packed more truth into such a brief period of time. For centuries, these words from Matthew’s Gospel have been scrutinized by millions of Bible students, authors, pastors, and missionaries. Yet, no one has even come close to exhausting Jesus’ message.

Our hope in this study is to glean a few fresh, practical insights that will enable us to stay on course in living lives that are distinctively different. For as we shall be periodically reminded, the underlying challenge of this sermon is: be different! With this primary theme woven throughout, it’s no surprise that our Lord began His famous sermon with a list of character qualities unheard of in a dog-eat-dog society.

Matthew 5:1–12

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The Qualities of Simple Faith, single message