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The Mystery of God's Will, paperback

Chuck Swindoll

Many people have the idea that if they could just somehow find that single planned direction, they would be effortlessly swept through life. But life is not like that. Probably the most misunderstood factor of discovering God's will is the thought that, If I do this, the struggles will end, the questions are over, the answers come, and I live happily ever after. But that's not reality.

Does this mean that God's will must remain opaque to us—that we must muddle and grope blindly through life with no clue to what He wants for us? “Not at all,” says Charles Swindoll.

Chuck invites us to join him on a spiritual quest. “I believe God's will for us in this life is not some black-and-white objective designed to take us to an appointed destination here on earth as much as it is about the journey itself…and what matters to Him in our lives.”

The Mystery of God's Will overflows with practical insights, humour, and unforgettable stories that will demystify, clarify, and put your mind at ease.

222 pages

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