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The Grace Awakening, CD classic series

Chuck Swindoll

Believing in grace is one thing. Living in grace is another.

Maybe you’ve known about grace all your life. Maybe you grew up with it, heard about it in church, on the radio, or on television. But maybe there’s more to God’s grace than you were taught.

In this popular audio series, The Grace Awakening, Chuck Swindoll exhorts us to embrace grace, helping awaken Christians to the spiritual abundance lying dormant in their lives. Don’t miss this chance to discover how God’s amazing grace can release you from the pressure to measure up and allow you to live in freedom!


  • 15 audio messages available on CD
  • Bonus audio message, Conversations with Chuck: The Grace Awakening—Chuck Swindoll with Michael Easley

Messages in this Series:

  1. Grace: It’s Really Amazing!
  2. The Free Gift
  3. The Roots of a Grace Awakening
  4. Isn’t it Risky to Embrace Grace?
  5. Undeserving, Yet Unconditionally Loved
  6. Standing Your Ground for Grace
  7. If You’re Free, Why Not Live Like It?
  8. Guiding Others to Freedom
  9. Grace to Let Others Be
  10. The Grace to Disagree and Press On
  11. Bringing Grace Up Close
  12. Do You Really Model Grace?
  13. A Marriage Oiled by Grace
  14. The Charming Joy of Grace Giving
  15. Grace—It’s Really Accepting

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The Grace Awakening, message series