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Taking a Stand: A Reformation in Christian Living, CD series

Chuck Swindoll

Convictions. They lead people to do the unthinkable, to promote what's unpopular, and to make most everyone else uncomfortable.

Without convictions, grown men would never don costumes just to toss a few barrels of tea into a harbour. Without convictions, a rail-splitting lawyer-elected-president could never preserve a union of such disunified people. Without convictions, a shy, petite Alabama woman would never keep her seat in the front of the bus because she was too weary of injustice to move ten rows back.

But one of my favourite examples of true conviction comes from a monk who lived in Germany over five hundred years ago. Placed on trial for opposing corruption in the church, Martin Luther stared death in the face and replied, “Here I stand; I cannot do otherwise.” Five centuries later, God still looks for everyday spiritual and moral heroes that stand tall for Jesus Christ in front of their kids, their church, and their community. Does someone need to see you standing for Christ? Then be inspired, encouraged, and motivated by this series to hold fast to your convictions and be counted for Christ.


  • 6 audio messages available on CD

Messages in this Series:

  1. A Reformation in Our Personal Leadership
  2. A Reformation in Our Biblical Knowledge
  3. A Reformation in Our Marital Commitment
  4. A Reformation in Our Home and Family
  5. A Reformation in Our Patriotism
  6. A Reformation in Our Worship

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Taking a Stand: A Reformation in Christian Living, message series