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So, You Want to Be Like Christ? workbook

Chuck Swindoll

Change is necessary and perspective is essential.

Each of us needs to return to our spiritual roots to reflect on changes that have taken place and to gain fresh perspective. Ask yourself some tough questions:

* How have I changed in my life as a follower of Christ?
* Have I lost my first love? Hit a plateau? Bottomed out?
* Am I just acting like a Christian, or am I overflowing with deep devotion to my Saviour?

Chuck Swindoll reviews eight essential disciplines:

* Intimacy
* Simplicity
* Silence and solitude
* Surrender
* Prayer
* Humility
* Self-control
* Sacrifice

This workbook is designed to help you cultivate these disciplines so that the distractions of clutter, busyness, and self-centred pursuits are all but smothered out.

So, you want to be like Christ? Start today.

144 pages

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